Climate Impacts Research Capacity and Leadership Enhancement (CIRCLE)

The Climate Impacts Research Capacity and Leadership Enhancement in Sub-Saharan Africa (CIRCLE) programme is an initiative of the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) to develop the skills and research output of early career African researchers in the field of climate change and its local impacts on development. The programme will also work with institutions to develop a coordinated and strategic approach to supporting early career researchers. CIRCLE has been allocated GBP 4.85 million over 5 years (2014-2018), and is managed by the ACU and the African Academy of Sciences (AAS).
Alongside the fellowships, an institutional strengthening programme (ISP) will be led by Vitae to strengthen capacity of the institutions involved in the programme to provide support for early career researchers. The position of researchers and their institutions within global academia will be further strengthened through guidance from the Quality Support Component (QSC), a consortium of internationally renowned institutions, led by the Natural Resources Institute at the University of Greenwich, UK. The consortium will advise on developing and disseminating the research that contributes to international discourse in the field.
This blog features research and updates from our CIRCLE Fellows and the institutions involved in the overall programme.
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